Product Review: The D-Fuzz-It Sweater Comb (assignment one)

The d-Fuzz-it sweater comb
The d-Fuzz-it sweater comb

What a Sweater Comb Is

A sweater comb is a small comb that is designed to removed the “pills,” or fuzz balls that develop on sweaters after a certain amount of use. The D-Fuzz-it webpage describes the product in this manner: “D-Fuzz-It® Sweater/Fabric Comb works quickly and without harm to garments to keep good clothing looking new.”

Using the Sweater Comb

Using the sweater comb is relatively easy. The D-Fuzz-It webpage offers advice: “The D-Fuzz-It® Sweater and Fabric Comb will catch these fuzz balls and brush them from the fabric. After a few removals of this matting, pilling, or fuzz balls, the longer fibers will all have been leveled ….The shorter, equal length fibers do not have a tendency to pill, and the fabric will then be almost pill proof.”

In order to use the comb, it is best to lay the sweater on a hard surface, and then comb the sweater gently with the D-Fuzz-It comb. Pulling on the sweater can cause the sweater to become misshapen, so it is best not to hold the sweater or try to pull the sweater against the comb.

Results of the Sweater Comb

While most of the reviews on Amazon were positive, with 91 of 114 reviews being either 4 or 5 stars, the biggest issue with the comb was the comb catching on the fabric. Stacia K. Roesler, who gave the product four stars, said “It works just fine but it takes a while and you have to be sort of ginger with the fabric.” Another reviewer, Kathleen San Martino, gave the product three stars, complaining that “[i]t worked very well to remove the fuzz from garments but I found one major problem with it. I could not successfully remove the smaller fuzz pieces from the ‘de-fuzzing blade.'”

My experience with the product was similar to these experiences. My sweaters were acrylic, which tends to pill easily, and I found that if I tried to go too quickly with the comb, the teeth of the comb got stuck in the fibers and pulled fibers out of the sweater. If I took my time and combed gingerly, the product worked very well on acrylic sweaters. While the fuzz did not come out of the comb easily, I did not think the fuzz was impossible to remove.

On cotton sweaters, combing was more difficult. The cotton on the sweater I used was woven from smaller fibers that the comb kept pulling. Even when I combed gently, the smaller fibers were pulled out of the sweater. It was only when I combed above the sweater that the comb did not pull, and then I could not get all the pills. The webpage claims that this product could be used on cashmere and fine knits, but I would be hesitant to do this.

Comparable Products

All the reviews that compared the D-Fuzz-It sweater comb to other products, particularly the battery-operated fabric shaver, thought the sweater comb worked better. I also found this to be the case. The fabric shaver pulls the pills off with a rotating blade, which could potentially damage finer fabrics. I also found that the fabric shaver did not get as many pills as the sweater comb. Battery life and power was another issue as well.

Two reviewers on Amazon liked the sweater comb for travel, but prefered a sweater stone for regularly use. Since the sweater comb is only $2.90 on Amazon, and the sweater stone is $9.95, the sweater comb is the better deal. Fabric shavers ranged from $8.52 to $32.05. Perhaps the higher end ones work better than the discount one I had, but I am not sure the expense is worth it.


I would cautiously recommend the D-Fuzz-It sweater comb. As long as the user is careful with the product, it works well, helps the sweater look better, and is a good deal. I would be hesitant to use a comb on higher end sweaters, but for every day sweaters it is a good deal for prolonging the life of a sweater.


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